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Money counting machine FIN-7000 machines now in Saudi Arabia

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The Fin-7000 is all you need for counting and checking Riyal banknotes effectively .


  • Amount and unit counting and 6-point counterfeit detection for Riyals (USD & Euro Upon Request)
  • Counts sorted notes for all currencies plus sorted or unsorted Saudi Riyals Notes.
  • 6-point counterfeit detection for : UV, magnetic ink, metal thread, infrared, thickness and size detection.
  • Large hopper capacity of 300 notes for high capacity counting.
  • Stacker capacity of 200 notes – Add & Batch function.
  • User-friendly front panel with numeric keyboard and function keys.
  • Large Color LCD display with clear & professional layout.
  • Sheet counting option (free count) without counterfeit detection.
  • Alarm Stop With Error Message code, Has port for Update on PC & port for Printer.
  • Memory Function – Keeps Last Operating State.


2 Year Full guarantee, with maintenance contracts after guarantee
Made in KOREA



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