Bill Counter PLUS P-106A

Money counting machine and counterfeit detection Korean industry
money counter plus p-106a and guarantee two years

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Bill Counter PLUS P-106A

 Paper counting and fraud detection system for heavy use

It is a banknote-counting machine equipped with an ultraviolet, infrared and magnetic fraud detection system.

_________  Specifications  _________


  • Counting and counterfeit detection.
  • UV, MG, MT Detecting Functions.
  • Large hopper capacity of 300 notes.
  • Stacker capacity of 200 notes.
  • Add & Batch function.
  • User-friendly front panel with numeric keyboard.
  • Large LCD display with clear.
  • Counting speed:  1.500 bills per minute.
  • Auto-start and manual-start functions.
  • Memory Function (Keeps Last Operating State).
_______   After sales service _______

Two-year warranty – periodic maintenance – Made In Korea.


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